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I absolutely love over-sized T-shirts. I don’t know why, but I just love the comfort. A few weeks ago, someone at work pulled me aside to ask the following, “Why don’t you wear clothes that ‘show your figure’?”. Naturally I was taken aback by her bluntness, but I politely changed the topic. Sheesh. On a more serious note, I’m a bit of a tomboy, I like being comfortable all day. Of course   I feel like being lady-like and elegant on some days, but any day of the week, I’d pick a graphic T-shirt paired with jeans or leggings (always…

We spent one night in Paris and it was no where near enough. Tobi’s coat: Zara Kike’s coat: H&M Escada… The joy, that is Valentino… Tobi: Jumper -H&M; Leather Pants -Zara Kike: Jumper -H&M, Jacket -Zara, Velvet Pants -H&M, Trainers -Isabel Marant   We don’t spend enough time together and we miss each other all the time. These short trips are so worth it! *New Posts Coming Soon* We love you, Kike & Tobi

I love this top with its matching pants. I’m starting to wear my glasses a lot more these days. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was eight years old, I was rather pleased to discover the joy and convenience of contact lenses… however, I absolutely love my frames!   One of our readers asked about my lip colour last week. To get that shade, I put a little bit of concealer on my lips and then topped it up with Enchantress Lip Gloss by MAC. Outfit -H&M; Shoes – CL Pigalles. (120mm)

My Princess Kunbi a.k.a LegallyPresent a.k.a Mrs Odubogun, married her best friend last week. This was undoubtedly the best wedding I had ever been to! We all had way too much fun; it was great to see that all the hard work that had gone into planning the wedding, paid off in the end. Here’s the first half of our KO2012 fun! Kunbi looked beyond hot in this Herve Leger number at her Pre-Wedding Cocktail Reception. My dress:  H&M Trend; Shoes:Zara THE couple! Our bridesmaids’ brunch! Look out for Part III Love Always, Kike & Tobi

For this post I really needed a wind machine!! I just couldn’t help myself I had to show you guys the movement of the skirt! It has stolen my heart !     Skirt – H&M Trend, T-shirt – Forever 21.   Hope you enjoy the sunshine! Love, The Queens, Tobi & Kike  

Tobi and I decided to meet up today for our long overdue catch-up session on the wonderful Carnaby Street. The weather was not very encouraging, but we made the most of it. I remember telling Tobi this morning that I had no idea what to wear (thanks to the weather!). I ended up wearing an outfit made up of four different colours! At first I thought I would look like I got dressed with both eyes clothes but Tobi reassured me that this was not the case :-). Sometimes, different colours don’t look so odd when you throw them on,…