I think it’s safe to say that one of my favourite Nigerian Designers is CLAN. I love minimalist fashion. You don’t need to much to make a statement; and that’s exactly what CLAN does for me.
I particularly love this dress because I can wear it to work, I can wear it to a formal event and I can wear it to a wedding – trust me on this; I’ve done all three.
I have absolutely no issues with repeating my outfits; I’m not sure why people are so bothered by that. If you spend money on an item, you better be willing to use that item to death.

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I got my shoes at an outlet mall for a really ridiculous price, so ridiculous that I paid for the shoes and ran out of the store; I was so sure they would tell me they made a mistake with the price.

Dress: CLAN|Shoes: Gucci

Photography: Toyosi Faridah Kekere- Ekun

Love Always,

Kike & Tobi