Fashion shows can be really stressful and exhausting, but for some reason, I can’t get enough. So many people have asked me what exactly it is I (Kike) do at these shows. Well, everything from styling to logistics to production.

This year, I’m a stylist at MTN LFDW and that basically means I help the designers present their collections in the best way possible, by styling each piece -shoes, accessories etc, I also check for errors here and there. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds and it’s a lot of work but it’s always worth it at the end of the day (and anyone that knows me, knows I secretly enjoy it).

All through last week, I was in one meeting or the other, almost every day. Today, the real work started. I needed to wear something loose and comfortable, so I opted for one of my favourite blouses by Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi.

I absolutely love the floral print on this blouse, the Vlisco fabric also adds that extra factor to it. Love it!

Zara studded sandals.


As I have done almost every day this past week, I swapped my flats for a pair of heels. Before the real work started today, I wanted to dress the outfit up a bit at some point during the day. This didn’t last long though, as after “networking” I promptly changed into my flats.

Jimmy Choo “Loila” heels.

*Photos by Demi.

I’m looking forward to Day 2!

We hope you’ve all had a great week so far.

Love Always,

Kike & Tobi

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