October is obviously my favourite month of the year; my Mum’s birthday is on the 2nd, mine is on the 4th and my niece was born yesterday, the 6th. It’s been an amazing October so far, full of so many surprises and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

My Mum turned 50 on the 2nd and she insisted on my sisters and I wearing white. This was a bit tricky for me, because as much as I do love the colour white, it was difficult finding an all-white outfit.

I bought this white pencil-dress from Zara a few months ago and I figured it would be my best option. I then remembered I had a white double-breasted blazer from Zara (which I’ve blogged a few times). Coincidentally, they’re both made from the same fabric, so I decided to pair them and I think the outfit turned out okay :).


My Mum bought these Chanel shoes about six years ago. She wore them a few times and when she stopped wearing heels higher than 3 inches, I rightfully took them. I absolutely love the fact that my Mum, my Aunties, my Grandma and I all wear the same size. It’s such a blessing!

On my birthday, the special people in my life decided to throw me a surprise birthday dinner. I was so chuffed!

My dress is by ReBahia. I absolutely love it!

Love and even more Love!

Kike & Tobi