I absolutely love slippers and their ability to just make you feel so comfortable. Living in Lagos, with the weather and all, I wear slippers everyday, except on the days I’m trying to be formal. My childhood and SBQ friend Kene Rapu, started her fashion accessories line last year, called “Kene Rapu”. I was so excited because she had so many colours to choose from and they were so comfortable and affordable!

Fast word to 2012, Kene has taken her slippers to a different level!


Her recently launched website www.kenerapu.com allows online orders and it also has over 30 hi-res photos of her slippers so you see exactly what you’re buying!

Here’s an excerpt from Kene’s press release to give you a better idea of the label:


Kene’s love for fashion, eye for detail and creative nature inspired her to start her own footwear line. The newly introduced line has grown very quickly, with a demand for slippers way beyond her expectation, and a clientele base spanning from children to grandmothers, to a number of women of style.

She describes the ‘SlippersbyKene’ woman as one who values comfort, good quality and unique styling.  A lady who knows the importance of foot wear to her total look and goes the extra mile to ensure that she is kitted in only the best. She is a lady that pampers her feet and does not give up a good opportunity to show off her well pedicured feet in a dainty pair of slippers, whether with jeans, to match an outfit or simply just because.

SlippersbyKene’ are handcrafted and made to order. Part of the production process involves sourcing for high quality and durable materials, to ensure clients are given value for their money. Kene works with a wide range of colors and styles of fabric, including ankara, adire and aso oke to give clients variety. Clients who like their bling also have the added option of  bedazzling their slippers.”

Here I am wearing my very first pair of “Slippers By Kene”. Now I have about 4 pairs and I can’t get enough.

Support the “Slippers By Kene” movement and start shopping now!

Love Always,

Kike & Tobi