Hello Beautiul people. I know it has been months since I (Tobi) last posted and life has truley been insanely busy. It’s only because I am currently on holiday that I am able to take a moment to re connect with you guys. Its been way too long and I miss you all.

Those who follow me on Twitter and or Instagram know I have been infected by the Insanity bug and I promised I would write a blog post once I finished. Which was more of a public threat to myself to actually finish it. And I did finish, so here goes.

Phase 1

I would wake up at 5am in the morning to squeeze in a work out before my hectic work day started. Let me tell you it was so difficult to wake up that I would sleep in my workout gear. Even-more so I would look at people’s Insanity results online before going to bed to motivate me to get up and workout the next morning.

Initially I was exhausted, I felt rubbish by the time I got to work. I hate sports drinks so I had coconut water and a healthy hearty breakfast, which I soon discovered was the key to refuelling my body.

Considering I was moderately fit before I started Insanity. I soon discovered that Insanity was incredibly tough, to the point where I wanted to throw up quite a few times. Lo and behold I saw results relatively quickly, within the first 10 days or so my clothes started to feel a little looser.

After day 21 there was a clear difference in my upper body. Some people don’t see results until after 30 – 40 days so I was very chuffed !

Food Diet

Lots of people asked if my diet changed. Yes it did, I reduced my carb intake to small fist size portions.

My intake of healthy fats and oils incread. Mainly with flaxseed and omega 3 supplements, I kind of think this was my secret weapon. Foods such as flax that are high in essential fatty acids increase the body’s metabolism rate. The essential oils found in flax help the stomach to retain food as they slow down the digestive process. This helps promote a feeling of fullness, and because the food is released slowly into the small intestine, blood glucose levels remain stable. This lowers the possibility of experiences cravings for sugary foods between meals.

I didn’t cut out the things I liked completely, I tried to follow the same principles as Jeanette Jenkins celeb trainer. She abides by the 80/20 rule, which she says keeps many of her clients on track.

“I really stick to this 80/20 rule that I use with my clients, and I also use for myself. Which is 80 percent of the time, you eat clean and you’re eating healthy and these are foods that come for the land – fresh fruit and vegetable, leans cuts of meat. The other 20 percent of the time those are your cheat foods.”

Phase 2

This is where the workouts get beyond crazy!

Now by this point I was pretty tired plus I was happy with the results that I had seen so far. Hence my motivation wained somewhat and I got a bit bored, but I kept going! But I know many days I didn’t give it my all.

To restrict the boardroom I started running to work in the mornings after doing Insanity. Yes the madness caught on !!

My eating plan kind of went out of the window it was more like the 50/50 rule!

The results were not as fast as the first few weeks if anything I stopped noticing physical changes but my fitness greatly improved. I was able to go the distance without passing out.


Would I do it again ? Most insanely Yes, I would! The 60 days of madness gave me great discipline. As cliché as it sounds I felt as if, If I could do this I could achieve anything, giving me a huge sense of empowerment.

Working out in the morning is the best thing I could have done! Training in the morning will help “jump-start” your metabolism and keep it elevated for up to 24 hours, thus burning more calories throughout the day.

I would say, that Insanity didn’t tone my lower body in the way I would like. Hence I will focusing on lower body workouts in the gym with heavy weights over the next few weeks.

Do it with friends! I knew several people going through Insanity around the same time as me including my Mum. Such an amazing feeling of being in it together!

This is not a paid endorsement in fact far from, just and honest review of my insanity experience.

Hope this helps!

Lots of love,

The Queens

Kike & Tobi