“Imagine you could wear really glamorous and stylish clothes jetskiing or wakeboarding….” -Oroma Cookey – Gam; creative director, Alali Boutique.

We haven’t told you enough about Alali Boutique here at SBQ. It’s a fashion label based in Lagos, Nigeria. We love that all the pieces are wearable but extremely unique; there’s a common theme of elegance. The creative director, Oroma, plays around with prints and colours; clean cut fashion!

The new collection, “Need For Glam” is absolutely gorgeous. Oroma tells us a bit more about the collection and her inspiration.

“These were perhaps the subconscious thoughts in my mind last December when I spent the best part of my christmas holiday speeding through the creeks of Calabar and Opobo Kingdom. ‘Need for Glam’, the ALALI Boutique A/W 2012 Collection is inspired by surface water sports’ wear and the glamour of the 1950s unsuspectingly fused together to create the most wearable and delectable collection. Think speedy, glamourous and intriguing. For shapes I looked to the 1950s, for detail I looked to the panelling in sportswear and for colour, I looked to the landscape of the South-South of Nigeria.”


The collection is more structured than the typical ALALI Collection but stays true to ALALI aesthetics with soft silhouettes, fluid pieces and sheer details.


The make-up is dark and intriguing with a touch of blue for a contemporary look. The hair channels the speedy / sporty aesthetic and the collection is styled to introduce a tribal impression while preserving the sporty and intruiging elements.


We’ll be putting up the lookbook in our post so look out for that!



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