Tobi and I still have our very first Virgos Lounge pieces. They were these vintage tops, beautiful colours. We saw them and instantly fell in love and it’s been that way with every single VL collection ever since. The label has gone from selling vintage pieces online to creating vintage inspired pieces to Topshop.

We visited the girls at their new office a few weeks ago and Tobi & I couldn’t stop going on about how proud and happy we were. Hard work really does pay off. We couldn’t be more thrilled for the girls here at SBQ!

Select pieces from their High Summer Collection will be launching today at 11.30am in Topshop on Oxford Circus. The entire collection will be released tomorrow (Monday, 30th of April, 2012) on their website, at 12pm.

Okay, can I confess? There’s a skirt named after me (Kike) in this collection, called the “KIKI” skirt! I literally cannot contain my excitement!


(…and that’s the “KIKI” skirt on the right)



We would love for you to support the girls. Please visit Topshop at 11.30 today and be amazed! The “KIKI” skirt will also be available; I’m jealous that I’m all the way in Nigeria but my dearest Tobi will be there to tell me all about it.

Love & even more Love,