I’m (Kike) a huge, huge, tee-shirt lover. I love graphics and prints and patterns; so when I heard about Modus Vivendii, I was beyond thrilled to discover that not only were they Nigerians but they were massively talented.

We heard about Modus Vivendii here at SBQ, during the Roberto Cavalli & Franca Sozzani visit to Lagos. We love their creativity and we can’t wait for them to blow up!

Here’s a bit about the brand:

The 3 founders that are Jimmy Ayeni, Ola Badiru and Anthony Oye have all known each since childhood whilst living in their hometown of Lagos, Nigeria, all with an individual sense of style.

This led to the formation of the Modus Vivendii blog which created a large following and interest depicting to them what they were capable of. The blog was put in place to depict and show the they way they boys live, and how fashsion relates. As the blog that follows the team around the world has continued, it has enabled the brand and concept to grow on more than one continent, with a keen interest from Nigeria being perhaps the most notable. It has seen them go from bloggers, to stylists and now designers after meddling with clients such as Big Sean and Labrinth.


The boys caught the eye of Roberto Cavalli, and now they’ve been invited back to Milan to release their next collection (they’ll be hosted by Cavalli himself). They also have a feature coming up in L’Uomo Vogue (May/June Issue), so look out for that.





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