In the spirit of the London Marathon, I thought this post would be fitting! I have been asked a alot about my fitness regime, tips and tricks. I love keeping fit and the benefits are endless, you look great, feel great, your skin will glow and you’ll just be an all round fly girl!


Below are some of the things that have really worked for me and I try my best to keep it up but we’re all allowed cheat days…. So here goes………

1. Weights! I cant shout about them enough. Adding weights to your routine will change your body shape in half the time, by increasing your metabolism, meaning you burn calories for hours after you work out and even in your sleep. If you are a member of a gym, don’t be scared get yourself along to a body pump class. Alternatively you could get yourself some weights and try this at home  –

With weights you will build lean muscle, which in turn burns fat and tones you up perfectly. Win Win if you ask me.

2. Try something new. Going to the gym week after week, doing the same spin class or body combat will slow down noticeable improvements. The body is amazingly clever and adapts very quickly to repetitive exercise. The more you change up your routine the  harder your body will be challenged and you will see constant results.

I have joined a boot camp in Green Park, it is honestly amazing! If anyone wants to come along with me  just drop me an email the first class is free – Boot Camp

Other options could be Zumba, Power plate, rock climbing, Resistance Pilates, or Boxing etc. Wahanda are always doing great deals so there is no excuse to try something new !

3. Intervals….. Anyone who knows me, knows I used to be a hurdler. Hence I HATE running for more than approximately 10 seconds. So interval training is great for me, I run at 90% speed for about 30-90secs then jog for about 1-2 mins and repeat this pattern for about 20 – 30 mins. You will raise your heart rate and pack in a more intense work out in just half the time as going for a long run. Not to mention it is great for fat burning.

5. Omeaga 3 or Fish oils are great for helping you maintain a toned mid section! Ive been quite slack recently at taking them but they are also great for concentration!

4. Youtube! We are so lucky to live in the age of the abundance of information. I get so many of my work outs from youtube, it keeps working out fun and fresh! I am a huge fan of these two ladies, check out all of their videos.

Stay Healthy Queens,