Football “Swag”?

I have accepted that the word “Swag” is here to stay and it’s not going anywhere.

My friend Adeola (who we’ve featured so many times here on SBQ) and I watched our friends on Sunday at their football tournament. Our outfits were definitely not planned!



You can tell she’s a model right? Those cheekbones!




Shoes -Office

Jeans -Hollister

Sweatshirt & T-shirt -Topshop


Love & Light,

Kike & Tobi

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7 Responses to Football “Swag”?

  1. Ivory Tygers says:

    I’m loving those swag…good swag!!

  2. Fashion Lover says:

    Kike are you in the U.k and what colour,name and inches is your weave?xx

  3. funke says:

    im loving that hair color. is that a color 4?

  4. Lola says:

    Errr…….love & light? I see ur also third world profashional fans.

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