Instagram Chronicles – Friday Night

If you haven’t heard of the cool iPhone App -Instagram, then we’re here to help you. It’s a really fun way to share pictures and edit your images will these really cool effects. Tobi and I have been on it for a few months now and we totally love it!

We’re starting a new series on SBQ called “Instagram Chronicles” where we share some of our Instagram fun here with you and you can also send in yours and we’ll put them up!

Here’s my first entry ¬†from last night. I wore this outfit to my friend, Peter’s birthday dinner.

Silk Blouse and Skirt both by Zara, Shoes – CL .



Love & More Instagram Fun!
Kike & Tobi
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6 Responses to Instagram Chronicles – Friday Night

  1. Tinuo says:


  2. Abscloset says:

    can i have your purse! you look great. :)

  3. Oge says:

    Hey girls, what are your names on Instagram? Can’t find you : )

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