As some of our readers know, I’m (Kike) the in-house stylist for the Nigerian Fashion House –Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi. Being an in-house stylist is not just about styling the shoots, I’m also on the design team for the label which means I get to put forward ideas for the pieces; I  do a bit of Fashion Consultancy as well, at our shoots. I absolutely love my job and I love who I work with. It can be stressful sometimes, especially when time is not on our side but the end results make it all worth it. The latest collection “The Oriental Classics” is actually one of my favourites. There’s a nice mix of fabrics and the best thing about it is there’s something in it for everyone!

Recently, Studio 53 Extra paid the LDA studio a visit, to see how we were gearing up for Arise Fashion Week. I finally saw the clip today, so for everyone that has been asking, here it is!


The top I’m wearing is by LDA of course, LDA’s black dress (with the lace baby collar) is also by LDA.  My brooch? It’s my mother’s! :)


Love Always,

Kike & Tobi