A few weeks ago, Tobi gave you an insight into her daily routine (If you missed her post, check it out here), so here’s mine. I’m sorry this post is coming so late, but here goes…

6.45AM – Wake Up. I’d like to sit here and say I actually wake up at this time, but this is the time I turn on the “snooze” function on my alarm, so please read as 7.00AM. I’m usually in a rush to get out of the house. I tend to use very little make up during the week, mainly because it’s so hot here in Lagos, I’d rather not melt in the sun, so the less make up, the better.

7.30AM – Usually I’m dressed at this time. I spend the next few minutes packing my bag for school. I’m not really a breakfast person as I’m always in a rush.


7.45AM – I’m ready to leave the house as the Law School is a good half hour (with no traffic) from home. 

Driving to school is a challenge. If you’ve been to Lagos or you live here, you’ll understand the traffic situation and the general chaos on the roads but I love Lagos, this is what makes it, Lagos!

Today, I decided to get in touch with my “Inner Karl” (Karl Lagerfeld); I absolutely love this shirt from ASOS, the black buttons, the black button panel and the collar. Love!

8.45AM -Arrive at school. There was particularly a lot of traffic today, so it took me a whole hour to get to school. As soon as I find a seat near the window (cross ventilation), I set up for the day.

10.30AM -Class In Full Swing. By 10.30AM, my hair is already up in a pony tail as it’s very hot in the lecture hall.


12.30PM -Lunch Break. There’s never any time to rush out to grab even a quick lunch so I tend to hang out with my friends in the lecture hall. This is my “twin” Oyinkan. We keep each other sane in school.

3.00PM. Class Over. Today was a good day. We got dismissed before 4PM! Home time :)

Skirt -Zara, Shoes -Primark

This was such a fun post to do. We hope you’ve enjoyed our entries.
Love Always,
Kike & Tobi