Some time a go a reader asked us about our daily routines….. So I thought it would be interesting to document my typical day through my blackberry.

6.00 AM – Wake up. I have a habit of putting on my make up first ! Getting dressed is the last thing I do. Hence, I am usually rush to put my clothes on at the last minute!


7.00 AM – I leave the house running to get the train from a small place called Smitham, pretty much in the middle of no where

8.00 AM – Arrive at work. Yes I am wearing Uggs! My feet are always cold, so I wear them untill I warm up a bit.

8.15 AM – After having breakfast in the office I sit down at my desk and start planning my day and replying to my emails.

2.00 PM – I start to get a bit fidgety, so I head of to the gym for a quick lunch time work out! Its the best way to de-stress.

7.20 PM – Seeing as I finished work at a decent hour I decide to run across the road to Selfridges and treat myself !

9.40 PM – Get home to try on my new present from myself!

Watch out for Kike’s entry! Hope you enjoyed !



The Queens,

Kike & Tobi