My sister got married last week. It was one of the most beautiful yet tear-jerking ceremonies I’ve ever attended. Well, I didn’t quite “attend” but you get what I mean. Can I just say, being “Maid of Honour” is not an easy task. I think I need a holiday after that.

For our non-Nigerian readers, it is the Nigerian Culture to have two weddings in a sense, a traditional one and then the white/church wedding. Here are a few photos from the Traditional Wedding.

My sister is of Igbo heritage, so we wore the traditional “George Attire” which is a blouse and two wrappers, but  I made a skirt and a wrapper to be a bit different.

My outfit was made by TojuFoyeh.

*Photo by Photonimi

Part 2 of the wedding feature coming up next!

Love & Light,


Kike & Tobi