Le Petit Marche is one probably one my favourite events of the month. We’ve blogged about it here on SBQ so many times but I can’t get enough of it! There’s always something new and there’s always a great bargain.

Last month I think I overspent just a tad. I went a bit over board with blouses, tshirts, vintage AND organic skin products!

One of my favourite Nigerian labels – REPUBLIC OF FOREIGNER. I got myself a gorgeous blouse from this collection. Hopefully I find somewhere to where it to so I can blog it and you guys can see it!


I loved these t-shirts. My friends and I got a couple. They are actually hilarious! I hope they’ll be there again next month, I need a few more.


OURS BY JULIADA – *sigh* I never really got into organic skin products till OursByJuliada. The moment I tried their Gingerbread Cookie Scrub, I was sold! My latest love is the Sweetberry Body Butter. It is absolutely divine and I’m not just saying that. When they say it moisturizes your skin, they’re not exaggerated; my skin actually felt amazing. Huge shout-out to Ada & Nicole!

You all know Tobi and I are Vintage Lovers. When I moved back home, I panicked at the thought of not having my vintage fix every now and then but RETROSPECTIVE came to my rescue. They just opened in Surulere (which is the heart of Lagos) and now they have a stall at LPM which is just perfect for me :). I was consumed by all their accessories. Love!

I just had to show off this new brooch I got off my Mum. Okay, let me rephrase: …this new brooch I TOOK from my Mum. I had intentions of “borrowing” a pair of shoes and I came across this brooch. Safe to say, I have refused to return it since then. It actually took my breath away and I think it complimented my dress perfectly!


That’s pretty much it from our LPM shopping spree!

How have you all been? Great I hope! Have a great week ahead.

Love Always,

Kike & Tobi