Of all the pieces of clothing I (Kike) own, these pants have to be my favourite (okay, maybe not my favourite but they’re getting there). Although they confused my Mother at first, as she thought I was leaving the house in my PJs.

I love, love love them! The colours, the fit, everything. What’s even more exciting is the fact that they work with amazingly well with any look.

Now let’s talk about my shoes… We blogged about these shoes a few weeks ago when we were in NYC. This is the first time I’ve worn them in Lagos. Do you love as much as I do?



T-shirt -American Apparel, Pajama Pants -Zara, Shoes -Jeffery Campbell


We’d like to apologise once again for the lack of posts. Being in Bwari Village in Abuja does not allow for much inspiration (Kike) and working almost ten hour days leaves one exhausted (Tobi) BUT have no fear, we will rectify this, be rest assured. We wouldn’t be here without our readers so please love us through this -it’s only for a short while but we promise to work on this!

We love you like we love cupcakes,


Kike & Tobi