I got this necklace in Soho in NewYork. I absolutely love it! My dress is from Urban Outfitters.

I wore this outfit to MusicMeetsRunway. I had plans to change into this amazing Virgos Lounge dress, but I didn’t get a chance to!


An amazing experience, working as a stylist is really not as easy as it looks or as I thought. Especially when you’re styling a collection for a fashion show, it’s all about working with the designer to present the collection in the best way possible. I styled Tsemaye Binitie, Virgos Lounge, Republic of Foreigner and Obsidian. These are probably the easiest people to work with ever! Of course we faced random challenges and back stage was chaos (as expected) but I’m so glad the entire show was a success. I’m too proud of be Nigerian right now!

Shout out to the best styling team ever -Bolaji, Bubu, Eve, Oyinkan, Bayo & yours truly *hehe*.

Pictures to come soon :)



Kike & Tobi

p.s Kike misses Tobi!