Probably one of my oldest friends, I can safely say she has always been fashionable. Even when the rest of us were not quite with it with our strappy tops and “pedal-pushers”, she still managed to put us all to shame.

She has a Law Degree, a Masters in Intellectual Property Law and she’s currently in the Nigerian Law School, training to be a solicitor. Sounds heavy right? That’s not all, she also went to Insituto Marangoni, a Fashion and Design University in Milan straight after her Masters.

Toju has now taken the Nigerian Fashion Industry by storm. This is her latest collection – Rebirth L’or.



SBQ: What was the inspiration behind your collection?

TF: This is my Rebirth collection so I mostly focused on showing growth and development of my brand. The theme is Gold, hence the name L’or (which means gold in french). I based the collection round the Golden woman who I describe as sexy, bold and elegant. I drew inspiration from various things, icon women, fabric i.e lace, certain details like the fan detail etc.


SBQ: You recently showed at Arise Fashion Week, tell us briefly what the experience like was for you. How has this helped your career so far?

TF: The experience was bitter sweet, but mostly sweet. Lol. Bitter not because it was a lot of work, but because I wish I had more time to prepare. But that being said the experience was exciting, memorable, rewarding. I met other fashion designers from different parts of the world and I learnt a lot about what is required and expected.





SBQ: Plans for the brand for the future?

TF: To expand, I want to keep pushing the brand till it becomes established here in Nigeria then possibly branch out into other countries.







SBQ: Who is your biggest style icon?

TF: This is really tough, so many people; I like Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez etc its really hard to decide. If I absolutely had to pick it would be Beyonce.



Toju named each of her dresses after very special ladies in her life. We love that!

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You can also purchase dresses from Toju’s previous collections online at MyAsho.

We’re so proud of Toju and her achievements and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for her and her brand!



Kike & Tobi