Cookie is one of the 4 ACES. Their blog is one of our favourites. They also have a clothing line called Cranberry.

We have a crush on Cookie’s clothes. (Yes, we realize they are not human); so we asked her to share with us her closet favourites  and why she loves them so.

Fendi woven purse and signature shoes.

I bought these items separately but I love that they both have the similar woven leather effect. The purse I picked up at a vintage store in new york and the shoes I got from a department store also in New York.


The all black outfit with the bow on the shoulder.
I actually got this top from my Mom’s closet, it’s a very loose button up see through blouse with sequins on the left panel and I thought it would look really cute belted with my studded skinny belt. I also made a huge bow out of a black satin ribbon I had  and pinned it to the shoulder of the blouse with a sequined brooch.



The pattern Shirtdress.
I got this dress from a Diane Von Furstenberg store in NY like 2 years ago, and I really love it. Its see through and patterned (which I love) and I belted it with a gold chain belt and paired it with black combat boots.

Light blue dress and striped blazer and grey blazer, white silk camisole and chanel high waisted pants.

I love Blazers, and these two outfits show some of my favorite blazers. I got both of them from Zara.


The shoes

I just got these shoes last week and I have been wearing it everywhere! I got it from a 1940s vintage store in downtown Silver Spring. I love pattern and I especially love the pattern on this shoe and how African inspired it looks.


The Necklace.
It is one of my favourite items right now. I got it recently in a little shop in Soho, I wear it with everything from Tshirts to cocktail dresses to casual blouses. I just think its adds a little bit of glam to every outfit. PLUS I am very Big on sparkle!


The green Vintage Jacket
I am currently stuck in my vintage phase so retro cut jackets with shoulder pads are my thannng! I have about a million of them but this green jacket is one of my favorites. Its very Vibrant and although its like a size 10 american, it falls perfectly on me. The green and gold buttons are also really cute!

Leopard Diaries
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Thanks Cookie for sharing your favourites with us!