We love Vintage here at StyleByQueens. The fact that you can wear an item of clothing from any era and it would still be fashionable in your time is just pure joy. Tobi is more patient than I am when it comes to vintage shopping. I really just want to walk in, see something, try it on, make sure it fits and be out of there! But it never quite works out that way does it? This is where Virgos Lounge comes in for us. Tobi and I have been major (slightly obsessive) fans of Virgos Lounge since their conception. For me, it was Vintage Heaven! Not only could I buy beautiful vintage clothing from the comfort of my home, I was guaranteed satisfaction. Their pieces are unique and obviously carefully selected; just recently, reality tv star, Angela Simmons, was photographed wearing one of their jumpsuits.

We got a chance to chat with the lovely ladies of Virgos Lounge and we also got an exclusive look at their Spring 2011 Vintage Collection, which of course, is pure bliss!

SBQ: Tell us a bit about Virgos Lounge and the ladies behind it.

VL: Virgos Lounge is an online fashion store, selling our own unique vintage inspired collections as well as specially sourced vintage pieces. The Virgos Lounge team consists of Fioye Akinsola, Nike Ajanaku and Oyeyemi Wemi-Akinsola

Fioye Akinsola is a human resource manager at an IT company, Nike Ajanaku is currently studying for a masters degree in Business Management and Oyeyemi Wemi-Akinsola is a freelance fashion stylist and marketing intern.

SBQ: Why the name Virgos Lounge?

VL: All three of us are Virgos, that was one thing we all had in common so we knew it had to be in the name and the “Lounge” sounded nice with it.

SBQ: Who is the Virgos Lounge woman?

VL: We draw inspiration from all eras which broadens our aesthetic so Virgos Lounge clothes are for all fashionable women but we will say our primary target audience consists of ladies between the ages of 16 and 30 because we belong to this segment so we’re more familiar with what they want at the moment.

SBQ: What is your perception of Nigerians in fashion so far & why are you involved in it?

VL: The Nigerian fashion industry is growing in such an amazing way locally and internationally and talented professionals from various areas of the industry are coming up and being recognised. We just want to be a part of developing the retail culture and fashion industry in Nigeria not only because it has the potential to greatly improve the country’s economy as a whole but also because people in Nigeria should simply be able to shop for clothes whenever they want!

SBQ: What are your plans for Virgos Lounge for the future?

VL: We plan to expand into many other aspects of the fashion industry in the future and to make Virgos Lounge pieces available to people in all parts of the world.



Photographer: Agnieszka Balcerak / http://abalcerak.digartfolio.pl/
Stylist: Rebel Culture / rebelculture.viewbook.com
Hair and Makeup: Fioye Akinsola

The entire collection has not been released yet, but we’re already loving what we see!

(We’ll be sure to let you know when the rest of the collection is released).

You can shop this collection today at Virgos Lounge from 7pm (G.M.T).

Love & Vintage,