Being snowed in is officially not fun. Seeing as we love bags; “the bigger the better,” we thought we would share what’s in our bags during this cold snap.

Zara Tan Leather Bag
Tobi’s Bag – Zara

Magazines – To keep me entertained whilst being stranded for 9 hours

Hat & Gloves – No explination needed

Touche Eclat – For an instant sparkle underneath the eyes to hide all my snow agnst

Iphone&Blackberry – Both fully charged in cases of emergencies

Body Butter – To keep my skin supple despite the harsh weather conditions.

Chole Paraty Black

Chole Paraty Black

Kike’s Bag -Chloe Paraty

Old issue of Grazie -for some reason I keep reading it. Such a good issue.

Gloves – Heaven Sent!

Iphone & Blackberry -To keep me entertained; conversations and music.

Headphones -They double-up as ear muffs.

Lipbalm & Lipgloss -My lips are prone to dryness in this weather, MAC Lip conditioner is a great lip moisturizer and the lip gloss (MAC Enchantress) gives it a shimmery finish.

Body Butter -Strawberry; from Body Shop