Anyone who follows my personal twitter account will know that on Saturday, I had a sartorial emergency. I needed a culturally inspired African print ensemble for an event, that very evening. I tweeted and like my life depended on it and several lovely people came to my aid “THANK YOU”. Ironically I found an amazing designer through the power of of Google – Bestow Elan. Within 2hours of making contact with the lovely creator, Erzumah I was the proud owner of a beautifully crafted dress.  Erzumah and I swooned and “ahhhed” as I slipped on the dress… I had found my perfect match! Every twist and curve contoured my silhouette beautifully, it was sartorial heaven! It was so refreshing to meet a designer who truly embraces the needs and tastes of her clients. I cannot wait for her new collection !



The Queens,

Tobi & Kike