I am so sad that my trip has come to an end, short and sweet but I have a lot to get back to in London. Namely a very hectic week ahead. So I’m glad I could escape reality for a while. That being said Vegas is runways away from reality, forget NY as the city that never sleeps, Vegas never sleeps. I have never seen so many Chanel stores so close to each other or so many ‘malls’ in close proximity…… all my shopping fantasies came true this week!!! Vegas is not the place to load up on your autumn/winter wardrobe, in 42degree heat hence I was forced to load up on makeup, accessories and transitional pieces like leather shorts !!! Ohh and how could I forget my new babies; bargain Marc Jacobs sunglasses which I plan to wear all winter long!

Hope you guys have all had a great summer,


The Queens,