We decided to show some link love for a site that is sure to indulge your bag fantasies.

Can you remember when you bought your first bag? For most of us that is a difficult question, mainly because over the years we have all acquired so many different  bags; some which are still with us and some which may have died a painful death due to excessive lovage! Ok so here’s another question. Can you remember the first bag you fell in love with? I remember being about 13 and having heart palpitations and involuntary eye spasms over the Chloe Paddington, not realising it would become one of the most coveted bags of all time! Needless to say bags are a huge part of a woman’s wardrobe, which is how www.Bagwardrobe.com can help! Bagwardrobe.com arranges the web’s best bags by occasion to help you buy the perfect bag for the special occasion.

By no coincidence I (Tobi) have been quietly working hard on this project for a few months now and I am terribly excited about it! My favourite feature has to be ‘your bagwardrobe,’ where people can share their most-loved bags! Check out one of our favourite bloggers Olivia Phillips (newfavouritething), who will surely make you salivate over her lush collection of bags. There are lots more features and new bags to look forward to! So get involved and start clicking and “tell a friend to tell a friend”


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