Tobi and I decided to meet up today for our long overdue catch-up session on the wonderful Carnaby Street. The weather was not very encouraging, but we made the most of it.

I remember telling Tobi this morning that I had no idea what to wear (thanks to the weather!). I ended up wearing an outfit made up of four different colours! At first I thought I would look like I got dressed with both eyes clothes but Tobi reassured me that this was not the case :-).

Sometimes, different colours don’t look so odd when you throw them on, it’s good to experiment once in a while. You’d be very surprised at the results.

We had lunch at the yummy (and very affordable) Cha Cha Moon.

Jumper -Topshop

Top – Vintage shop in New York

Harem Pants -Topshop

Pumps -Zara

Pearls -Forever21

L-R: Mulberry Bayswater & Pied A Terre Handbags

Top -Topshop

Belt -H&M Trend

Sandals -Topshop

Leggings -Topshop